You’re the DJ

Let’s spin your turntables and create your own recordings for your audience

The first social dj app

All DJs do their best to enlarge their audience. With edjing, share your recordings anywhere you want in one click. Post them on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus or share them by text message or by email. You have all the tools you need to become more and more famous!

Mix all the tracks you want

Every music lover deserves  to access the music they like. edjing enables you to mix your local music folders as well as Deezer and SoundCloud music catalogues. Access your favourite streaming platforms, choose a song among millions of tracks and enjoy all the possibilities to record a unique mix.

Access many sound effects

Transform your songs through professional sounds effects. Enjoy great possibilities to reinvent your sounds. Add the Bliss, Echo, Phaser, Gate, Resonator or Reverb effect on your mix. Many others are available upon request. From now on, give another dimension to your recordings!

Use the main DJ tools

Play it authentic and vintage with the scratch feature. Spin your vinyls like a pro!

The absolute DJ essential! Preview your next track to rejoice your audience with the perfect transition.

Use the Sync button to synchronize the beats of two tracks and achieve smooth transitions. Adjust the equalizer and customize your songs to your taste!

Enjoy professional features

Reinvent the music you love! Add cue points on your tracks, create awesome loops or read songs backwards thanks to the Reverse effect. Use the Beat Shuffler to rearrange the order of the beats! Plenty of astonishing effects are available for you to make the most of your songs!

Customize your turntables

edjing also gives you the possibility to customize your turntables with special Skins: Choose the deck that suits your mood and mix like a pro! Enjoy 10 different skins and find the one that matches your style!